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Greg in the studio
Photo by Jay Arner

Team Strike Force Biography

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Team Strike Force started in December 1997, as the ‘one-man-band,’ anything-goes pop project of then 18-year-old UBC psychology student Jay Arner. After the release of an EP brewed of equal parts Beach Boys, Cheap Trick, and Guided by Voices, logic dictated that to further ‘bring the rock to the kids,’ an actual band was necessary. However, no ordinary group of musicians would suffice- Team Strike Force would require the skill of an indie-rock SUPERGROUP! Greg Macdonald- Jay’s former Math 10 classmate, guitarist / electric piano player for pop sensations Bossanova, and drummer for the equally sensational Saturnhead was the first recruit, on vocal and additional songwriting duties. Ex-Solution to the Problem bassist Jeremy Bidnall was next, selected mainly due to his keen hair and fashion sense; he was followed by Saturnhead / Sean Macdonald & the Robots / Salteens, ex-Cinnamon bassist and all-around band whore Kevin Cooper, who would swap between guitar and bass with Jeremy, to prevent the two from falling asleep during rehearsal.

‘Supergroup’ status* achieved, Team Strike Force can be found at any number of recording studios- basement or otherwise- tracking their debut album, or one of their live performances, where it is recommended one ‘talk business’ with the band before they start on the free beer.

In summary:

Jay Arner- vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, piano, etc

Jeremy Bidnall- guitar, bass, synthesizer

Kevin Cooper- vocals, guitar, bass

Greg Macdonald- vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, piano, etc

* 'Supergroup' status is not to be confused with 'Supertramp' status.

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