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motion soundtrack:
in the studio with motion soundtrack. the recording was done by mr.john shepp @ utopia parkway studio. sept 10, 2001

finally, some solarbaby... sorry it took so long, marq. soon i'll get some new shots...august 20, 2001

kevin gets another shot on the mirror project site...july 1, 2001

angie is back:
angela hubbard shoots kevin at a motion soundtrack live radio show. july 18, 2001

vancouver bass conference:
photos from the fat wire convention. dig it. kevin is on the move. july 1, 2001

this is the best project on the web. and i am not just saying that because they put one of kevin's photos there. july 1, 2001

dandy warhols:
check out the dandy warhols in their soundcheck. they look sorta good. actually not much different from when they are really actually playing. june 8, 2001

of montreal:
of montreal @ the starfish. yes, these are actually new pictures. june 5, 2001

pop art 2001:
some brilliant pop art from our design guru. touch it. love it. just put it back where you found it. january 19, 2001

vancouver museum:
kevin is at it again. you can see his photo vancouver @ night on display at the vancouver museum as part of the v2k exhibit.
the museum is located next to the planetarium. (1100 chestnut street) june 16, 2000

pop bands...

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