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sam and sue with the ducks:
lovely samantha and her sister susannah at trout lake park. november 10, 2003  

photo updates:
once again we're in a bit of a lull here due to... stuff. but fear not. there are photos of toronto on the way and some pix from sunny california. stay tuned. august 15, 2003

ottawa, canada
some stunning photos from our nation's capital. also some sweet ottawa wallpaper. wallpaper not to be used on actual walls. july 17, 2003
motion soundtrack
from the lens of andy scheffler... motion soundtrack pix live from the plaza at new music west 2003. click here for the photos. also click here to see all of andy's new music west photos. july 7, 2003

pop pages merchandise
now available! new pop pages t-shirts, hats, underwear and coffee mugs. this is the stuff you need to make your life complete. click here for the ONLINE STORE. rock. july 6, 2003

live from the palace in calgary, alberta. july 1, 2003

hot australian pop group alert! this band just finished a north american tour with the salteens. the pop pages sent a photographer along with them. check the photos out here. also visit sekiden on the web here. june 27, 2003

new stuff:
ok. this is a little pathetic as far as updates go, but i have been busy! currently i am in cleveland and as soon as i get back i will update this site with photos of the salteens, sekiden and kiddo, as well as pix from ottawa, new york, montreal and all the other cities i have been in the past month. stay tuned! june 20, 2003

the salteens
a bunch of live shots from their sold out CD RELEASE PARTY at the Royal Hotel. march 23, 2003

the winks
live at the russian cultural center in vancouver. march 15,2003

nelson, bc, canada, earth
two shots form my parent's balcony in beautiful nelson, bc. march 10, 2003

vancouver pop bands...

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