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last updated: Tuesday, August 17, 2017

welcome to THE POP PAGES! 

your mission: look at photos. click on photos.
every picture is a link to another one. enjoy the show.

since 2001, TRIPOD has been home to The Pop Pages.
now it's time to lose the third leg.
plus, the site was looking like garbage thanks to all the freakin' pop-ups!!!!

2017: we have fixed this broke-ass tripod site by moving it to a new host. and now, it has been restored it to it's natural (ahem) beauty.

as you can clearly see, we are here: forever. dig it.
stay here. don't go to tripod anymore. you'll find a lot of broken links and dead ends.
and likely, lots of broken dreams and possibly dead bodies.

* * * * * * * *

a note to visitors from 2017 and beyond:
this site was done the hard way, long before the conveniences of today's "snap-and-post" society.
i took the photos with a film camera. paid to develop them. then scanned them one at a time.
then, i had to hand-code new HTML pages for the photos, upload the pix
and create appropriate links around the site so viewers could find them.
this was mostly done at a pay-for-use internet booth at the HastyMart or at the local library.
(thanks again to my then-roommate for being on the phone all the time).
remember dial-up internet? ya, you do. ugh.

this was all done for the benefit of the 8-12 visitors that we had on a yearly basis. so worth it!
having said all that, i'm pretty proud of all the content on this site and i'm glad i could restore it to look just like it did in sunny ol' 2005.
this is really starting to sound like a digital version of "when i was your age, i had to walk 20 miles to school. uphill both ways. in the snow."

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