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motion soundtrack live tracks:
motion soundtrack live at the Media Club - New Music West 2005. i think... august 10, 2017

ottawa photos:
a few shots of winter in the capital city. happy holidays from us here at the pop pages! december 23, 2004

ted leo and the meligrove band:
that's right. ted leo plus the meligrove band in toronto equals one good time. it was completely worth the five hour bus ride from ottawa... and hey, the pictures turned out pretty well, too! december 15, 2004

pictures from the last date of boy's fall 2004 tour at the capital in ottawa. december 2, 2004

r.e.m. live in vancouver
guest photographer nikki hoshal captures r.e.m. live at the orpheum in vancouver. michael stipe is a weirdo. but that's why we love him.
november 28, 2004

one candle power:
this was the last show i saw in victoria before coming east. it was a good night of indie-pop and fun memories at the fifty-fifty. november 25, 2004

pushing up daisies:
cool shots from the daisies' "school's out for summer" show back in june at the white eagle hall in victoria. november 14, 2004

old salteens photos:
a few pictures from when the salteens rocked out on a barge in victoria's inner harbour. now that's celebrating canada day in style. november 11, 2004

ottawa pictures:
some nice pictures of the beautiful autumn colours here in the capital city. november 6, 2004
also! thumbs up to kevin for fixing the technical difficulties with the moneen pictures. apologies if you tried to check them out before when they weren't showing up... it won't happen again. we promise.

moneen and despistado:
some neat shots from when these two fine bands rocked out at babylon in ottawa. october 28, 2004

sloan live at UBC:
there are not many bands i would stand out in the pouring rain and listen to. sloan is one of them. though i did not bring my camera.
i left that up to nikki hoshal; sloan super-fan and great photographer. she also gets bonus points for risking her camera's safety in what i thought was possibly humankind's last night on earth due to the biblical onslaught of torrential rain. october 22, 2004

toronto summer 2004:
cool shots of a cool city. october 14, 2004

Pop Montreal 2004:
the salteens, run chico run, billy and the lost boys, and the ladies and gentlemen tore up montreal's barfly at the boompa records showcase. october 6, 2004

adrienne pierce:
these are, by no means, NEW photos, but that doesn't mean they aren't GOOD photos. 'cause they are. august 9, 2004

hands all over:
sam and kev have great looking hands. see for yourself... july 6, 2004

sloan live at the okanagan springs pure music festival
you heard right. after all these years, the band i have always wanted to have on this site has finally arrived. july 6, 2004

sekiden live at logan's in victoria:
a super show that actually saw mirko from sekiden doing double duty.
he also played drums for the fabulous salteens right before sekiden played! what a guy. june 30, 2004

immaculate machine cd release party:
guest photographer joni sadler was in attendance at the launch party at victoria's second story cafe. she got some great shots of immaculate machine, ghosts, josh doherty and shapes and sizes. may 22, 2004

sam and kevin checking out their billboard
taken by justin cathcart: february 12, 2004

vancouver pop bands...

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